What a success it was!

This year's annual fundraiser proved to be the most successful yet! Not only did our guests have an amazing time, but we surpassed our anticipated fundraising goal, raising over $150,000 in support of our life-changing programs. We are genuinely grateful to all who attended the event and gave so generously!

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Over 200 guests attended the event at Rancho Nicasio, and the weather could not have been better! VIP guests enjoyed a glass of champagne in celebration of our 40th anniversay, as well as a wine tasting by volunteers Terry Brookshire and Bill Barnier. Savory hors d'oeuvres featuring local cheeses were made by caterer Julii Ashby, and an incredible spread of rices, vegetables, boof and salmon were presented for dinner by Max Brown of Rancho Nicasio Restaurant.

Lights were strung in the days before the event, and metal stands were welded especially for us by Hunter Spencer, from which strings of lights hung to light the auction tables. The 60+ Silent auction items that were so generously donated were beautifully displayed, helping us successfully raise over $10,000 in winning bids.

This year's program featured four Live auction items, two of which proved to be so popular that the respective donors (Hoby Wedler and Eugenio Jardim) stood up to offer an additional win for the top most competative bids, helping raise twice as much as we had anticipated!

And just as the guests thought the Live auction was finished, auctioneer Deirdre Kidder literally auctioned the "shirt off her back", a gorgeous candy-apple red western blouse featuring detailed embroidery and piping.

A heart-warming video created and designed by Agafilm Studios was played, highlighting the successes of the program over the past 40 years. Click here to see it for yourself!

Thanks to the HCR Staff for all their hard work in the weeks before the event, and to the HCR Board of Directors for their on-going fundraising efforts both during this event and throughout the year.

Thank you to Jordan Stanton and Natalie Phillips for coordinating the silent auction, and to the wonderful volunteers who helped the evening of the event: Margaret C., Daisy H., Natalia V., Lucy V., Stacy B., Lizzie J., Laurie B., Shonna B., Lindsey R., Deb S., Isabella K.

A fantastic time was had by all, so if you missed it this year, be sure to join us next year!