“I know that all we see is our children having a good time riding
a horse or pony, and don't see all of the endless hours of prep and training that
you have to do. You have given my grandson joy, something that is hard to come by for a child with autism, and for that --thank you!”

Sponsor An Event

Halleck Creek Ranch hosts many special events throughout the year. Event Sponsors underwrite the costs associated with each event. Event Sponsors will be recognized in all event publicity and on the day of the event.

Just fill out the form and mail with payment to:

Halleck Creek Ranch
P.O. Box 159
Nicasio, CA 94946

For more information, contact Molly Scannell, Executive Director, mscannell@halleckcreekranch.org. Thank You!

Events available for sponsorship:

Spring Horse Show/Open House
Fall Horse Show/Volunteer Appreciation Day

The Horse Shows are a time for our riders to show off their hard work in front of a guest judge who awards them shiny ribbons and gleaming trophies for their efforts. There are also plenty of family, friends and supportive community members on hand to cheer them on. There is a BBQ lunch and fun activities like live music or wagon rides. It is an inspiring day of accomplishment and celebration.

Easter Egg Hunt on Horseback

Riders enjoy a unique way to hunt for Easter eggs – on horseback! Hundreds of eggs are hung from the trees along the trail, where riders can reach up while in the saddle and untie them. Then they tie them on the saddle or carry them carefully back to the ranch to see what goodies are inside.

Marin Human Race

Sponsored by the Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership, the Marin Human Race is a walkathon fundraiser for nonprofits throughout Marin County. Our riders collect sponsors and then walk or roll along the scenic route. There are musicians to entertain along the way, special races just for kids, and a huge nonprofit fair at the finish line. This is the second largest fundraising event of the year for Halleck Creek Ranch

Western Weekend Parade

Held at Point Reyes Station, the Western Weekend Parade is an opportunity for our riders to experience the thrill of riding down Main Street in front of a cheering crowd. "Western Weekend" is a two-day event in which Point Reyes Station celebrates its western heritage. In addition to the parade, there is a Western weekend "Queen" contest, a 4H fair, a chicken BBQ, a chili cook-off contest and Halleck Creek Ranch's very own Cow Flop Drop fundraiser.

Cow Flop Drop

This hilarious fundraiser was featured by legendary columnist Herb Caen. Here is how it works: 550 numbered tickets are sold before the event, with each ticket number corresponding to a square on a grid. At the predetermined time a cow is released onto the grid. The contest ends when the cow "makes a flop" (i.e. poops) on one (or more) of the squares. The ticket number that corresponds to the square, or squares, under the flop is the winner.

Holiday Party

This end-of-the-year celebration of the winter holidays is also a final time to celebrate together before the end of our final riding session of the year. Families bring potluck food to share; there is warm cider, plenty of goodies and a visitor from the North Pole to pass out gifts. Fun for the entire family and a heart-warming end to the year – even if it is quite cold outside.