“My daughter really looks forward to seeing her horse Bella. Last night she told me she thought she would dream about Bella, and asked me if I thought Bella was thinking about her. We are so lucky we found you!”

Our Horses

Halleck Creek Ranch owns many different breeds of horses, from tiny miniatures to giant draft horses. The diversity of the herd matches the diverse needs of our special riders. Halleck Creek Ranch horses live together in pastures and paddocks, allowing them to move freely and engage in their natural herd behaviors. Horses are donated to the ranch by private owners who want their horse to enjoy a partial retirement, while still being loved and useful. Working the easy pace of the therapy program is the perfect second career for these horses, and a great way to make use of their life experiences. When we accept ownership of these horses we provide high quality care assisted by professional veterinary treatment and consultation.

We hear all the time from owners who appreciate Halleck Creek Ranch for providing a safe and loving environment for horses that have much to offer albeit at a slightly slower pace.

Halleck Creek Ranch is permitted by Marin Humane Society to operate our horse program and is inspected by them annually. We are a Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH) member center and adhere to their standards for horse care. Between our staff and board members we have a number of current horse owners and many decades of horsemanship experience.

As owners we have to make difficult decisions when illness or injury will prevent a horse from a good quality of life. Recently we had to make such a decision with a horse named “Jag.” Both he and his pasture-mate “Blue” arrived together and were used regularly in our lesson program until “Jag” developed a devastating condition that was extremely painful for him. Because of his pain he would strike out at whoever was near him. Our vet James Kerr, DVM examined him on 2 occasions and recommended euthanasia. We considered all options before we made our decision. His former owner was devastated and asked if we would return ownership of “Blue” to her which we did. Thankfully this type of situation is rare and in 40 years we can’t remember it happening before. Without owners who generously donate their horses, we wouldn't have our program. Our riders look forward to their rides each week and develop deep relationships with our horses. It’s part of what makes riding therapeutic! We are grateful for the time these 2 equine pals were with us and wish only the best for “Blue” and his owner in the future.