It takes a village. Every rider may need the assistance of up to three volunteers, as well as an instructor and a horse. The continuity of each rider’s team increases the rider’s sense of well-being and confidence. Our volunteers create a sense of community among our participants and are a cornerstone of our programs.


Finnegan, our Irish Sport Horse, supports our program with his willing and even- tempered disposition. In his past life he was used in eventing (which is comprised of Olympic-style equestrian events) and he is still an athlete! He carries riders of all abilities safely around the arena and down the trail.


Various studies have shown equine therapies reduce anxiety, stress, anger and aggression, and depression. Further, equine assisted activities have been demonstrated to improve mood, and to facilitate social interactions, trust and learning. We see the data in action on a daily basis in the smiles on our riders’ faces!

Together, WE DID IT!

Thanks to our incredible community of generous donors, we are delighted to report that not only did we meet our fundraising goal during our Spring Community Campaign, but we surpassed it, raising over $33,000 in support of our Breaking Barriers Fund!

The Breaking Barriers Fund ensures that we are never forced to turn anyone away from receiving our services due to their financial situation. The tuition we receive throughout the year from our participants is globally-subsidized, and covers less than 20% of our total operating budget, so our ability to fundraise and gain support for this fund directly effects how much additional support we're able to provide to families in need.

Thank you to those of you who supported our efforts during this campaign. Thanks to the generosity of over 150 people, we can continue to say "Yes!" to those who need support, and who wish to experience freedom from the back of a horse.

Here at Halleck Creek Ranch, we are dedicated to building our community by offering opportunities to all our participants to develop self-awareness, communication skills, leadership and empathy. Your support helps us build a dynamic program of service to participants and their families delivered by well—trained instructors and volunteers in concert with our treasured equine teammates. As a way of saying "thanks!" to community members like you, we invite you to join us and see the Halleck Creek community in action at our annual Horse Show on Saturday, June 1, 2019 from 9am-3pm.